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Scottys Performance Drivers welcomes you to an amazing array of talent. Our Family of Drivers shares 100’s of years of experience.

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“Scottys Drivers are some of the best in the business. Proficient, they are extremely experienced. Founder Scotty Richards has raised the bar with the knowledge he brings to every production.”

— Art Camacho, Director



For your next Motion Picture, Commercial, Live Auto show, or Print Shoot, Scottys Performance/Stunt Drivers, Male and Female, have unique skill sets that will put your client in heaven!

Performance Driving
Stunt Driving
4 x 4 and Off Road
18 Wheelers
Track Bikes
Dirt Bike and Single Track

Scottys also provides incredibly experienced Precision Drivers safely supporting our scene with traffic and special detail.


On road, Off Road,
Two or Four Wheels

Share your driving sequence with us and rest easy in our blanket of wisdom and expertise.